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Will the FTSE 100 be the star of the show again today?

There can be no question; that the FTSE 100 was the star performer amongst the European stock markets yesterday. Of course that was all about the shift in the outlook for UK interest rates, following the greater than expected fall in UK inflation, released at 7am GMT yesterday morning. So, the FTSE 100 closed 1.02% higher, at 7,715, with a gain of 77 points on the day. The slide in the US stock markets after the European close did not leave the FTSE 100 futures unscathed and it is priced to open lower this morning. At one point that was below 7,650. So, the question now, is whether the index can defy all that surrounds it again and rebound once more? The potential for that to happen from a technical perspective is there, but it depends on just how determined the buying interest will be, as the markets draw closer to a shortened week in the UK next week. The markets here will be closed on Monday and Tuesday for the Christmas holidays. The FTSE 100 is currently priced to reopen at around 7,675 

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