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Will the Dow Jones react to US PMI data this afternoon?

Despite today being an early close for the US markets later on there is some economic data to note due out. That is at 2.45pm and it is the preliminary PMI readings for November, on services and manufacturing. This replicates that which was had from France, Germany and the UK yesterday. The question to ask here; is will this data have an impact on what is likely to be a very thinly populated US session later on. That remains to be seen, but it would be no surprise if that was the case. As stated here yesterday; many US operators will be making a long weekend of it . Even so, ahead of this the Dow Jones futures are in the green now this morning, helped by further upside here in Europe (for the most part). The Dow Jones last closed on Wednesday evening at 35,273, further extending its rebound gains. The current Dow Jones futures are indicating a higher reopening, right now at around 35,340 

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