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Will the DAX make it above 17k this time?

Despite coming very close on Monday, the DAX just failed to reach a new all time high, when it peaked at 16,999. The index fall back to a new low on the week yesterday, when it dropped to 16,821. It later closed at 16,859, with a loss of 44 points on the day. However, the jump in US stocks yesterday has boosted the DAX futures since before and after the US close. The gains in the Nasdaq 100 have helped too. So, at one point today the DAX futures were pricing a reopening at well above 17k. However, right now those futures prices have backed off and it remains to be seen if the index can reach a new all time high above 17,003 when live trading resumes in less than one hour.The DAX futures are currently pricing that opening at around 16,980

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