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A wild ride for BTC as volatility increases

Yesterday afternoon following several updates here on its price action, Bitcoin extended its dynamic rise on the day even further. The lead coin lifted to just above 64k, making it an almost 12% rise on the day. However, a problem with a major exchange caused a frenzy of liquidations and profit-taking. So, BTC crumbled from a high at 64,035, to a low at 58,875. The drop was even more rapid than some of the gains seen earlier in the day. However, it has eventually settled and rebounded again today and now it is close to the highs seen yesterday afternoon. Once again the reader is reminded; that the price action is rapid and volatility remains highly elevated at times. The range seen sop far today has been covered by 60,517 to 63,649. Bitcoin is currently trading at 63,190 

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