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When it comes to the FTSE 100 keep an eye on oil prices today

Yesterday oil prices continue to fall and there will be more to add on that a little later this morning. As with the US stock markets into the close, the European futures all tumbled back later last night and that included the FTSE 100. The combination of the slide in oil prices and the US stock markets into the close sent the FTSE 100 futures to below 8,100. Earlier in the day the FTSE 100, which was the only major European index trading yesterday, closed at 8,121.24, after again stalling short of a move above 8,200,. The high seen was set at 8,178.95. The index is priced to open a little lower this morning, but right now back above 8,150. However, given the potential impact of oil on the FTSE 100 it is worth keeping an eye on that when live trading resumes. The Q1 results from  Shell have just been released and they delivered a significant beat on EBITDA (Earnings before interest, Tax and Depreciation) and that is supportive of the FTSE 100 when live trading resumes, as it is a major component within the FTSE 100 index 

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