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Whatever happens today the Dow Jones can claim a record-breaking Santa clause rally

Yesterday the Dow Jones was the best best performing major US stock market index. The Dow rose to set a new all time high, at 37,778, but it was unable to hold all of that into the close. Nevertheless, the index still managed to post a record daily close at 37,710, with a rise of 58 points on the day. So, whatever happens to the index by the close this evening, barring a massive reversal, it is safe to say, that the Dow Jones has enjoyed a record-breaking Santa Claus rally in 2023. I did say yesterday morning, that a move to 38k was possible, but in the event it sure did not happen for the close last night. So, can it unfold today? Well, it might, but in truth right now that seems something of a distant prospect, just ahead of the European opening shortly. The Dow Jones futures are higher though and right now pricing the opening not far off the high seen yesterday, currently at around 37,760 

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