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What Buffet said about AI needs your attention- check out the Nasdaq 100 futures this week

The annual Berkshire Hathaway AGM was held over the weekend and the 93 year old legend, Warren Buffet was in place to host that, as he always does. When Buffet speaks markets often listen and for good reason. Buffet said BH sold down some of their Apple holdings, but remained committed to the stock at the same time. He also had some interesting comments to make about the markets, the Fed, US politics and fiscal policy. Perhaps the most interesting thing Buffet had to say concerned AI. He noted that whilst AI is a huge opportunity, it scares him as much as Nuclear weapons and the risks of scams and fraud presented by AI could see that escalate in the future. So, far that has not resonated with the tech sector and stocks in that arena, but time will tell if a backlash will emerge. One other thing to note folks; is that BH increased its cash holdings by double digits in Q1. Food for thought for stocks in the tech sector perhaps? Meantime, back at the farm, the Nasdaq 100 futures are currently pricing the reopening a little higher than earlier, right now at around 17,915

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