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USD/JPY -as you were but one thing to note for the Fed going forward

Trolling though all the components of that US PCE report there is something to note, which is not necessarily market moving right now. That is the increase in personal spending last month, at the same time as income dropped back slightly. Personal sending rose by 0.8% in February, from a prior rise of 0.2%. Real spending increased by 0.4%, from a 0.1% decline in January. To extrapolate this, it does infer the US consumer is spending above their means and that might be an inflation concern for the Fed going forward. That said, this is not perhaps something to bother us or the thinly populated FX markets this Good Friday afternoon. The USD/JPY dipped to 151.20 on the report and then back to above 151.30. It is just now trading at 151.25. The dollar more generally is not making headway now elsewhere and as just stated; it surely needed higher numbers than this to immediately deliver that. To all those that celebrate Easter, best wishes are issued here and updates from Quick News will return on Monday 

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