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USD/JPY takes out 154 in Tokyo trading

Yesterday afternoon, some while ahead of the US CPI release an update here noted; how the USD/JPY took rather a spurious move to the downside ahead of that data. The question was asked at the time, as to whether or not someone out there knew something we did not. Well, as it happens it seems they did. According to reports on Bloomberg, the BLS (Bureau of labour statistics) apparently released the CPI data 30 minutes early to certain people by mistake. Well, without naming names here folks, but if you think that was a genuine mistake, then maybe you might believe in fairy tales. Apparently an investigation is underway in the US, but good luck with that. Look, without going into any detail, this has happened so many times over the decades, it does not surprise one bit- just so you know. Anyway, moving on, the USD/JPY has fallen back further in Tokyo today, after closing in the US last night at 154.88. The low seen earlier was set at 153.60, but the way the dollar is trading right now, it might be wise, not to rule out further downside at some stage today. Of course the big level on the radar right now would be the prior interim low at 151.86. That was the low from the high at 160.17. The USD/JPY is currently trading at 153.95. There will be updates to follow on that and all of what else is going in the markets later this morning. Meantime, I leave you with this news to mull over 

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