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USD/JPY still taking a walk on the wild side

The USD/JPY just now dropped to below 143.90. As noted only a few minutes ago, when the price was spiking to above 145.20, the question then was asked; as to whether this US jobs data was good enough to deliver a sustained bounce above 145.07. Well, the immediate answer to that would appear to be no. That said, this baby can go wherever it likes within a 100 pips at the moment as it is trading on vapour at times and liquidity is poor and volatility is high. That is something that has been cautioned on here several times since yesterday and as you can readily see, nothing in that regard has changed. The USD/JPY is still the game in town when it comes to FX price elasticity and that makes for a lot of opportunity folks, but please keep your wits about you and take your chances when they come and do not get greedy, or hesitate when it comes to making trading decisions this afternoon. The USD/JPY is just now trading at 144.15

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