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USD/JPY still eyeing 148 again so far today

Yesterday the USD/JPY tried to push higher once more into the US close. The dollar lifted back to as high as 147.92, from an earlier session low at 147.50. The USD/JPY later closed in the US at 147.86. Today it has so far held inside that range seen yesterday, but towards the upper end of that right now. The range seen has been covered by 147.69 to 147.88. The press higher again in US yields is what helped to push the dollar close to its 2023 highs once more. The US 2 Year note lifted to test 5.10% and it is not far off that level right now. The threat of a more hawkish that anticipated Fed this evening is also a major factor in keeping the dollar on the front foot just now too. The USD/JPY is going to be very much in play this evening, when that Fed policy decision (and comments from them) become known. The USD/JPY is just now at 147.87

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