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USD/JPY on the rise this morning

As noted here in many updates here yesterday, the USD/JPY was the major mover across the FX markets and the earlier slide in so many of the leading Yen crosses was a theme of the early part of the session. The weak US JOLTS data helped to later send the USD/JPY down to a session low at 154.55 (not 154.53 as stated here). However, and despite those falling US yields, the dollar managed to steady itself into the US close, where it ended the day at 154.88. It has built on that recovery so far today and a short while ago it climbed to a session high at 155.71. The move comes as those US yields edge a little higher this morning. The USD/JPY will be in focus later today, when the US non-manufacturing ISM report hits the screens (2pm GMT), but more on that later on. Meantime, the USD/JPY is currently trading at 155.64

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