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USD/JPY on the move higher again

The USD/JPY is pressing on the topside again as the Japanese authorities start to talk about fresh stimulus measures. Look, if you are a Central Bank and you are looking at tightening monetary policy to combat rising inflation, probably last thing you might want to hear, is Government officials talking about stimulating the economy again. Boosting demand by throwing yet more money into the economy seems daft at best. However, this is Japan we are talking about here folks and that makes things a lot more complicated than it should be to the likes of you and me. So, the markets have latched on to this and that is why the Yen is weakening this morning once more. The USD/JPY closed in the US last night at 147.61. It traded to as low as 147.51 earlier today, but it is close to session highs right now and close to the current 2023 high too. The USD/JPY has risen to 147.86 a moment ago 

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