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USD/JPY jumps after BOJ leaves all aspects of monetary policy unchanged

The USD/JPY was trading lower ahead of the Bank of Japan monetary policy decision this morning. It had closed in the US last night at 142.78, which was technically positive, as it was above the 200 day moving average, at 142.57. So, just before the BOJ decision, the dollar backed off to 142.25. However, once the BOJ announced no changes whatsoever, the dollar screamed higher, rising to 143.78. It has held most of that gain since, as the BOJ governor, Ueda will shortly begin the post monetary policy decision news conference, at 6.30am GMT. Naturally, the spike higher in the USD/JPY today has carried the major Yen crosses higher with it. There could be more to add, if and when there are any surprises from Ueda in a few minutes. The USD/JPY is currently trading at 143.59

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