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USD/JPY falls back below 150 following BOJ comments

The USD/JPY has taken a hit in Asian trading today and dropped to below 150. The USD/JPY had closed in the US last night at 150.69, after peaking earlier in the day at 150.85. The fall today was sparked by comments from a Bank of Japan official, Hajime Takata. Takata stated the case for ending negative interest rates was gaining momentum. So, the dollar fell steeply, to a low so far at 149.70. It is surely the case; that the month end had something to do with the move to, but that cannot be confirmed here. The drop in the USD/JPY has carried the major Yen crosses lower with it too.  The fall in the USD/JPY has taken it close to its current 21 day moving average. in place right now art 149.63. The USD/JPY is currently trading at 149.75 

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