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USD/JPY extends gains to above 142.60

Since the US stock market opening it has been a rather mixed affair for the US dollar. It is a little weaker versus the Euro, but stronger versus the Pound and the Yen. The USD/JPY has just edged its way to session highs above 142.60. That is now around 50 points above its earlier session low. The high set so far has recently been at 142.63. That means it has managed to push its way closer to its 200 day moving average. That is in place right now at 142.87 and of course the dollar did close below this price point on Friday. In order to regain some momentum, it could do with closing back above it this evening. However, that looks a tough ask just now, as the progress so far today has been pretty pedestrian. The USD/JPY is currently trading at 142.60 

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