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USD/JPY edging higher again as major Yen crosses rise

Earlier this morning the USD/JPY dropped back to a session low at 157.61. The dollar had closed in the US last night at 157.86. The price action just now is seeing the dollar push back towards the 158 handle again and above that US close. The noted potential double top in place at 158.26 and 158.23 remains intact of course though. The push higher in the USD/JPY is also lifting the likes of the EUR/JPY and the GBP/JPY. The GBP/JPY is just now trading close 201.00 handle once again. The reason for the gains in the major Yen crosses is not immediately clear, but at the same time it is clearly not countertrend- it is the trend after all, especially in terms of the GBP/JPY. The USD/JPY is just now trading at 157.89 

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