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USD/CAD reclaims 1.36 once more but can it get extend beyond 1.3623?

Since peaking for a second time at 1.3614 on Monday, March 24, the USD/CAD had fallen back to a low at 1.3553 yesterday. It later closed in the US last night at 1.3584. Earlier this morning it lifted above 1.36 again, reaching a high so far at 1.3608. The topside is still being guarded by what is a defined double top on the daily charts from that high set on Monday and any high at the same level set on March 19. Perhaps, if the US dollar can vault that level then it might extend. However, there is another double top set way back on December 7 and December 12 last year, at 1.3619. That makes all these levels pretty tough to crack by the looks of it . That is especially the case, with an important Fibonacci level just behind them, at 1.3623. However, if those do all give way, then we could be looking at a move towards 1.3730. We shall just have to see how this plays out from here. The USD/CAD is currently trading at 1.3602

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