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USD/CAD pressing higher above 1.35 today following technical positive close

Yesterday, the noted push above the 200 day moving average in the USD/CAD was covered in an update here. That 200 day moving average was in place then at 1.3479. The USD/CAD did extend slightly above this, but it could make it much above 1.35 ahead of the close. The pair later ended the US session at 1.3495, but that was still a technically positive close above its 200 day moving average. The US dollar has subsequently advanced further today, reaching a high so far at 1.3531. That 200 day moving average is slightly higher this morning, at 1.3580. The low seen earlier today nailed that level too, when basing out at 1.3580. The drop back in oil prices again today has helped to push the CAD lower too. The next level of note, should this rally extend is now in place at 1.3568. The USD/CAD is currently trading at 1.3517

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