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USD/CAD lifts to best levels of the day as Oil prices slip and US yields rise

Oil prices are now around $1 lower than earlier this morning and that coupled with a further rise in US yields right now is pushing the USD/CAD higher. In fact it is pushing the US dollar higher across the board right now. The USD/JPY is close to that 151.50 level once again and the EUR/USD is slipping closer to the 1.0775 mark once more. So, the USD/CAD traded to a low earlier on at 1.3515. The US dollar had closed on Friday at 1.3540 after it had rejected a whole series of resistance levels above 1.36 last week (all covered here in previous updates). Well, given that modest push higher in the dollar, the USD/CAD is just now lifting to session highs above 1.3560. That said, it has not broken any fresh ground yet, but the US currency is certainly more on the front foot now than it was at the back end of last week. The USD/CAD is currently trading at 1.3564

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