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USD/CAD edging back towards session highs at 1.3820

On Friday the USD/CAD extended its recent rebound run (from 1.3629) to as high as 1.3855. That move also flipped and reversed a drop to below 1.3750 the day before. However the US dollar was not able to sustain that gain into the weekly close, where it later ended the day at 1.3801. That drop back did seem to dent the chances of a move to above 1.39 once more. The high seen in the USD/CAD this year was set at 1.3899 on November 1. The USD/CAD has traded as low as 1.3789 earlier today, after stalling in Asian trading at 1.3820. However, it is edging back towards that high right now. The USD/CAD is just now trading at 1.3819

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