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USD Index (USDX) reaches new 2024 highs as it approaches 105.00

I said earlier today that it might be make or break for the dollar index today and right now I guess you all know the answer as to which one that is right now? So, the USD index has pushed back to above 104.75 and that means it is setting fresh 2024 highs right now. The USD/JPY has risen above 150.50 now and the EUR/USD has just tested the 1.0700 handle for the first time this year. The Euro is just now clinging to that level, but it remains to be seen, if the towel will really come in on Euro longs now. The price action in the USD/JPY is clearly leading the way for the dollar overall, very much as suggested it would earlier. The USD index has now now lifted close to 104.85 as the dollar continues to feed off that higher than expected US CPI report 

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