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US yields pressing higher as European stock markets draw to a close-check out Gold

The European stock markets have just now closed and it has been a positive end to the week the major indexes and one where the FTSE 100 has this time come out on top. That is a complete reversal of what took place yesterday. Glancing across to look at the oil markets, we can see that Brent has continued to rebound today and the January contract has just now climbed back above $80 per barrel. So, is the rebound in the FTSE 100 just coincidental, or linked to that rebound in the oil price? Well, the answer to that question seems pretty obvious here. Meantime, US yields are still pressing higher and that has seen the 2 Year note now rise above 4.91%. This is helping the USD/JPY to rebound a bit more and closer to 150, which in turn is pushing Gold a bit lower. The metal has now fallen back from an earlier high at 1,993.45 to as low as 1979.47 a short while ago. It is currently trading at 1980.30

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