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US stocks off worst levels as NVIDA results await- check out the Nasdaq 100 now

The US stock markets are all in the red this evening, but as far as the Dow Jones is concerned it is well off its earlier low, at 38,391. The S+P 500 is having a harder time recovering, as of course all of the Magnificent 7 are within that index. Hence, it is a closer tracker of the Nasdaq 100. Now earlier this afternoon the Nasdaq 100 hit a session low at 17,372, as selling in big tech in general weighed on the price action. More specifically though, this was all about more profit-taking on NVIDIA, ahead of those most eagerly awaited Q4 results and what they will deliver at 9.20pm GMT. As I write this update NVIDIA stock is still lower by more than 3% today and that is preventing the Nasdaq 100 from launching a more serious rebound. So, perhaps we will have to wait and see the earnings numbers can deliver that, or not as the case may be. I will be around to offer an update, when that data hits the screes. Meantime, the Nasdaq 100 is just now falling back again, currently at 17,390 

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