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US stocks upended into the month-end by Powell comments-check out the Nasdaq futures

It was not just the dollar that was impacted by that one comment from the Fed boss yesterday evening. The US stock markets all turned sharply lower after Powell threw cold water on the prospects of a Fed rate cut in March. That comments certainly bought the stock market party to an abrupt and timely reversal into the end of the month. The Nasdaq 100 was already under pressure and in the red anyway and this was the last thing it needed to avoid another negative daily close on the final session of the month. So, the index fell harder, reaching a low at 17,128 and it did not close very much above that low either, ending the month at 17,137, with a loss of 339 points on the session. However, overnight the Nasdaq 100 futures have made back some ground during the Asian session and are currently pricing the reopening at around 17,175

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