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US stocks turn it around- Dow Jones leads gains

Yesterday the US stock markets grabbed victory from the jaws of defeat and it was all due to the further rise in US bonds and corresponding fall in yields after the weaker than expected JOLTS data. That helped all three major indexes eventually post higher closes. The Dow Jones led those gains, but they were not seismic by any means. However, they have to be put in the context of pretty sizeable losses much earlier in the day across the US equity futures. So, the Dow Jones rebounded to a high at 38,786 and later closed 140 points higher, at 38,711. Overnight the Asian markets are somewhat mixed and the lack of traction in the Chinese markets following some better than expected PMI data is noticeable. At the same time the Indian markets are on the rebound this morning. The Dow Jones future is higher too and right now pricing a reopening at around 38,800 

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