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US stocks try to battle out direction as dollar slips-Dow Jones gyrates

The US stock markets have just reopened for live trading and officially it was a higher opening for the Dow Jones today, at 39,466. The index closed last night at 39,431. The price action is confined at this stage but hectic within a tight range so far. It is likely to take a while longer before a direction might be forged out, if indeed it does at all. The weaker dollar is supportive for stocks though and so it the fact that after initially rising, US yields have now dropped back. Of course that is undermining the dollar too right now, but as already noted this is far from certain to remain the case all the way to the close this evening. There is no doubt; that right now these markets are tricky. The price action and gyrations are just enough to pull you into a trade, but then spit you out, if you are not careful. The Dow Jones is currently trading at 39,460

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