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US stocks set to open higher shortly- check out the Dow Jones futures

The Dow Jones was the only major US stock markets to close higher last night. The index closed at 37,798, with a gain of 63 points on the session. It is set to open higher today too. The current futures price is suggesting it will reopen above 38,875, but it was quite a bit higher than that earlier today. The index was priced to open close to 38k, but it has backed off quite a bit in recent trading, since peaking at around 10am GMT this morning. There is no US data to impact this index this afternoon and once again it looks like being a headline driven market, with focus remaining very much on developments in the Middle East. US yields have backed off a bit now today and that has pushed the dollar a little lower versus the European currencies and that might be something to factor into the Dow Jones price action, when live trading resumes shortly 

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