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US stocks reopen and guess what? Check out the Nasdaq 100

The US stock markets have just reopened for live trading and it has been a positive start to the day. As you surely know by now, the Nasdaq 100 closed at a record level of 19,035 last night. It has just officially reopened at 19,053. So, there you have it- another record and a record opening for the tech index. The A1 frenzy just shows no signs of abating and the level of demand is reaching uncharted levels right now. As to how far this will extend today is hard to gauge, but fresh records have already been met and it remains to be seen just how much more this will deliver. It is worth pointing out at this stage; that the index is not actually technically overbought either. The Nasdaq 100 is just now setting more records as the index trades a moment ago to 19,070 

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