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US stocks open in the red as Amazon awaits tonight- meantime check out the Nasdaq 100

Well, of course it is of no surprise to see the US stock markets opening in the red this afternoon following that hot ECI number. You know what folks: FOMC voters of years gone by would thinking of a hike tomorrow, not sitting on their hands. Of course it is not that simple though and as far as Powell is concerned; he is toast no matter what he does, if Trump gets back in. The markets meantime would be pricing the Dow Jones closer to 37k than 38k, if they thought a hike was really on the table tomorrow night. It is still lower though, just now probing levels under 38,200. The Nasdaq 100 is in focus today too. The index reopened just now at 17,720, after closing last night at 17,782. No matter where both indexes end up today for the final session of the month, their futures prices will be playing very close attention to the Q1 results from Amazon after the closing bell. The stock market bulls are probably hoping for a blowout set of results there and no one will be especially surprised if that is the case. The opposite might be a different matter though. The Nasdaq 100 is currently trading at 17,737

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