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US stocks open modestly higher but will it last? check out the Dow Jones now

The US stock markets have just reopened and it has been an across the board, modestly higher opening today. That was always priced into the futures since much earlier this morning and so it is not really a surprise. Of course trading has just gotten underway, so it is hard to predict, whether or not the opening gains are just a rally to be sold at some point, or if equity space can withstand another headwind presented to them from the rise in US yields. Of course it is also arguable; that the better jobs numbers today is a positive for the US stock markets, but at the same time, those geopolitical concerns, that sent stocks tumbling last night have not gone away. That news came at a time when the US markets were close to all time record highs of course too. The Dow Jones is front and centre of that sell-off last night and it is currently trading at 38,650. The index closed last night at 38,596. 

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