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US stocks open mixed as Dow Jones slips and Nasdaq 100 extends

Well, it was not exactly the roaring opening for the Dow Jones a moment ago. The futures did fall back into the opening and the index itself only managed to open slightly higher, at 38,731. That was quite some way below what had looked likely earlier. The index has traded to a low at 38,679 so far. In contrast to that the Nasdaq 100 has opened with a new record opening level at 17,820 and it is not much changed from that right now and actually a little higher on balance. So in early trading so far we have disparity between the two indexes and sectors, but that is nothing new, as it has characterised trading for most of this week. The Nasdaq 100 is currently trading at, or near fresh record highs, set just now at 17,834. The index is right now at 17,815 

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