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US stocks open lower- Nasdaq 100 resumes live trade below 18,950

As expected the US stock markets opened lower this afternoon. The Nasdaq 100 reopened at 18,945. The low seen so far has been set at 18,940 and the high has been at 18,987. So the earlier rebound in the US futures did not deliver a higher opening today, but the session is still only just getting underway. That might deliver a change in direction and as usual there are sure to be many swings, in both directions. Right now the Nasdaq 100 is trying to rebound. US yields are not materially higher and that might be a supporting factor. The dollar is certainly not lower versus Europe right now and that comes as the European stock markets remain firmly in the red. So, it remains to be seen if the US stock markets in general and the Nasdaq 100 in particular, can diverge away from the downside here in Europe

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