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US stocks open higher but Dow Jones slips in early trade

Well, it is hardly the shock of the day and it was pretty much a racing certainty, but the US stock markets have just reopened and it has been a positive start to the session. The Dow Jones closed last night at 34,112 and it has just now officially reopened at 34,163.  However, that opening and the current price is not actually as high as was priced in just ahead of the opening. In terms of topside resistance from here, there is potential for that to come in at 34,398, if this opening rise extends. That 33,398 price point represents a 61.8% correction of the downside move that commenced at 35,679 and extended to the most recent lows at 32,327. Meantime, the index has just hit a session low at 34,108, which is not quite what was on the tin a few moments ago. We shall see if this soon gets reversed or not. The Dow Jones is just now trading at 34,132

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