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US stocks open higher- Dow Jones sets new records

The US stock markets have been open for around 15 minutes now and as was entirely expected, it has been an ebullient start to the session. The Dow Jones has just now hit a new all time record high at 37,384. It is hard to gauge any technical levels from here, as of course we are now further into uncharted territory, just like last week too, only this time at even higher levels. That said the index has just stalled up there for a bit and perhaps that is due to the RSI being above 85 now on a 14 day basis. Look, that did not matter last week and it might not matter this week either, when the market is in this kind of buying frenzy, but one day it will. I wish I could tell when that was, but it will  probably need a catalyst of some kind to kick off a correction. Looking around just now, that is absent it seems, for the time being. The Dow Jones is currently trading at 37,373

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