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US stocks lift on US data- S+P 500 rises above 4,200

The impact across the markets following the mixed US JOLTS and ISM data has seen US stock markets initially spike higher. The rise in the S+P 500 daw that index lift just above 4,210. The index had already opened higher today, commencing live trade at 4,201. The push higher just after the US data releases is not at all conclusive yet and of course the index is still south of its 200 day moving average at 4,242. That said, it is trying to push higher, but of course we have the US Federal Reserve policy decision at 6pm GMT that is standing in the way of it. Now, a lot will depend on what the Fed delivers this evening, as to whether or not the index remains below that important resistance level by the close tonight. The S+P 500 is just now trading at 4,212

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