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US stocks like that jobs report but will they like the ISM?- Dow futures rise above 34k

Well, the dollar did not like the latest US jobs report, as you can see from the price action playing out since the release. To be honest though, it was not actually that bad, but the dollar was leaking lower anyway and the data provided the perfect excuse to kick it lower again. It has also provided the same excuse to send the US equity futures higher too. The Dow Jones future has lifted back above 34k on this news and the S+P 500 and Nasdaq 100 are rising too of course. The US markets will reopen for live trade in around 30 minutes and then it will be up to the latest Services ISM data to either cement the current moves in the dollar and stocks, or detract from it . All to be revealed as they say. The Dow Jones future are just now pricing a reopening at around 34,002

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