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US stocks get off to a volatile start- check out the Dow Jones

Well, unsurprisingly it has been a pretty lively start to the final US equity trading session of the week and right now the Dow Jones is faring best of all, but the price action is rapid. The index did drop back after officially reopening slightly lower, at 38,861. The index had closed last night at 38,886. The early session low was set at 38,751. It has since crawled back towards flat on the day, but right now it is still trying to fight out a direction. On the one hand you have economic optimism from the higher payroll numbers, but on the other you have the higher yields that has produced and that is a headwind for stocks. It is hard to say which will win out ahead of the weekend. The index also has the higher dollar to contend with now too. The Dow Jones is currently trading at 38,845

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