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US stocks get the green light they wanted as Dow Jones charges above 34,750

Well, of course it was a higher opening for all the US stock markets today. In fact the Russell 2000, which I do not usually comment on, led those gains with a more than 4% charge higher. The major indexes have lifted too and the Dow Jones has risen above 34,750 this afternoon. The index officially reopened at 34,581, but you would not have got any there in terms of trading on a cash index price. The Dow closed last night at 34,337, so the high just now at 34,782 represents a more than 400 point rise above that previous close. The index might edge back on profit-taking though, as the markets might curb their enthusiasm for stocks somewhat. Perhaps we should remember that the core CPI rate only missed by 0.1% on the downside today. However, right now it seems; a miss is as good as a mile to the markets in their current mood. The Dow Jones is just now trading at 34,770

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