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US stocks generally higher as Nasdaq 100 lags again in early trading

The US stock markets have just reopened for the final live trading session of the month and it has been a generally positive start to the day. As priced into the Dow Jones futures earlier, it has been a more positive kick off there, as the Nasdaq 100 continues to lag, following the noted, technically negative close last night, at 15,987. The index has just now officially reopened at 15,987, which is exactly where it closed. That is quite unusual, but perhaps it is a sign that the index is faced with further profit-taking into the month end? We shall see on that as the afternoon unfolds. The same tenet might yet apply to the Dow Jones too. That index has officially reopened today at 35,596 and it remains to be seen, if there is enough momentum for it to set a new 2023 high today. The Nasdaq 100 is just now trading at 16,002 

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