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US stocks falls deepen on Middle East news- Nasdaq 100 slides below 18k

The slide in the US stock markets is deepening this evening as news breaks concerning missiles striking Israel from the Lebanon emerges across the news wires. The news flow is extremely fluid at this stage. The US stock markets are falling harder now are now being led lower by a further slide in the Nasdaq 100. The index has now dropped below 18k and close to 17,950. The Dow Jones has slumped below 38k too and below 37,900 at the time of writing. All the European futures are in the red too, following a nasty reversal into the close earlier for the major indexes there. Perhaps, surprisingly Golf is now some $80 off its earlier record highs and that seems to be driven by profit-taking. There will be more to add on that next week. Meantime, the US stock markets are under quite significant pressure this side of the weekend. The Nasdaq 100 is currently trading at 17,975

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