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US stocks fail to hold a late session recovery - S+P 500 stutters

The US stock markets underwent a late session rebound on Friday. That saw gains across all three major indexes after the European close. The Dow Jones lifted back above 38,800 and the Nasdaq 100 rose close to 17,850. The S+P 500 rose to a high at 5,038.70, from an earlier low at 4,999.52 that was seen not long after the index reopened. However, there were no new records for the US markets on Friday and all three indexes fell back into the weekly close. The fact that the US stock markets are closed later today, for the Presidents Day holiday was almost certainly a factor in  the markets falling back into the weekend. The S+P 500 later closed 24 points lower on Friday, at 5,005.57, but futures are still trading today though. Overnight the futures price has gained sightly, as Chinese markets reopen with gains of more than one percent across the mainland markets. The S+P 500 futures are pricing a reopening for Tuesday at around 5,010 

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