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US stocks end up in the green-Nasdaq 100 lifts closer to record levels

Yesterday evening all the major US stock market indexes set modestly higher closes. The best performing index was the Nasdaq 100 (+0.68). Next came the S+P 500 (+0.48%) and the Dow Jones bought up the rear with a 0.32% gain. The S+P 500 benefitted from the tech spillover and that ensured the index beat the Dow to the finishing post. However, as noted it was not all one-way traffic when it came to the price action. Irrespective of that, there is no doubt here; that the drop back from earlier highs in US yields helped to push the Nasdaq 100 higher into the close. The weaker dollar dynamic was part and parcel of that too. So, the Nasdaq 100 put on 124 points, to close at 18,322. That close took the index one step closer to the current 2024 and all time high, at 18,464. The index was lifted by gains in all the usual big tech suspects. Overnight the Nasdaq 100 futures have traded sideways in a tight range, ahead of the rally important US CPI release later today. There will be plenty to say about that in updates to follow ahead of 12.30pm GMT . Right now the Nasdaq 100 is currently pricing a largely unchanged reopening, at around 18,315 

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