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US stocks defy the odds- check out the Nasdaq 100 futures this morning

On Friday the US stock markets all defied the move higher in US yields and closed the week very much on the front foot. The better than expected US jobs report did prove a positive for the US stock markets and the main reason for that could have been the fall in US wages. It seems that stocks got support from that, as well as the positive overall jobs data. That prospect was noted here at the time the jobs data was revealed, when that data hit the screens. The Nasdaq 100 was the best performing major US index, closing 1.28% higher on the day. The index gained 229 points, to end the week at 18,108. Today, the Asian markets have mostly replicated those US gains, with the Nikkei 225 leading the way. The Nasdaq 100 futures little changed this morning though, currently indicating a reopening for later on at around 18,095

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