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US stocks continue to press higher- Dow Jones sets weekly close above 34k

The US stock markets continued to press higher on Friday, buoyed by a further fall in US treasury yields and a less than convincing monthly jobs report. Both those factors helped to push the dollar lower across the board and delivered a further feedback loop into the lap of the US stock markets. So, all three major indexes closed the day, and the week on the front foot. At one stage the Dow Jones reached 34,163, but it was not able to hold all the gain, probably due to a degree of trepidation ahead of the weekend. If that was the case, then it was surely all about geopolitics and uncertainty over situation in the Middle East. The Dow Jones closed on Friday at 34,061, with a gain of 222 points on the day. Nevertheless, the Dow still closed the week convincingly above its 200 day moving average (in place then at 33,804) Overnight, the Dow Jones futures have gained slightly and are currently pricing a reopening at around 34,100

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