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US stock markets on Summer time now- Dow Jones futures in the red this morning

As the European stock markets conclude their first hour of live trading this morning, an attempt to rebound a short while ago has now fizzled out. Hence the DAX is now pressing to fresh session lows as it drops back towards 17,650. At the same time, an earlier session rally in the US futures has gone the same way it seems. The Dow Jones was the best performing major US stock market index on Friday in relative terms, but the index still closed the week in the red, losing 68 points on the day, to close at 38,722. It is worth noting here; that the index will reopen earlier today, owing to the clock change in the US. They are now on summer time, where Europe will not make that switch until March 31. So, the Dow Jones will reopen one hour earlier than usual, at 1.30pm GMT. The Dow Jones futures are currently pricing that reopening at around 38,595 

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