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US stock markets open slightly lower-check out the Nasdaq 100

The US stock markets have just now reopened for live trade and it has been a slightly negative start to the new week. Given the further gains in the US dollar and higher bond yields that is not really too much of a surprise and besides this opening is by no means conclusive at this early stage. So, the Nasdaq 100, which set a record daily and weekly close on Friday at 17,642, has just now resumed live trading at 17,634. At 3pm GMT we will get the details of that January ISM service sector index report and depending on what is revealed there, it could help to determine the direction for the index this afternoon. It seems like further good news on orders and employment is likely to eclipse any potential negative news, if the prices paid are higher. That was the case last week and we shall soon see if it is the same today. The Nasdaq 100 is currently trading at 17,632

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