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US stock markets open higher as dollar weakens further- S+P 500 opens up above 5k

The US stock markets have just now reopened for live trading and its has been a generally higher opening, with 3 major indexes kicking off the session a little higher. The gains come as the dollar weakens further, especially versus the European currencies. The GBP/USD has lifted close to 1.26 again and the EUR/USD is rising above 1.0780 now. It is still early days for US stocks, but the immediate signs suggest that a further recovery from the CPI led losses earlier in the week could be forthcoming. The S+P 500 closed yesterday at exactly 5,000. It is just now trying to edge past 5,010, but so far that level has capped the topside in very early trading. The Dow Jones seems to be faring best of the three just now 

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