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US stock market futures losses deepen-check out the Dow Jones futures now

The outlook for the US stock market opening has continued to deteriorate today. The Dow Jones is now pricing an opening closer to the 39,275 level and the Nasdaq 100 is priced to reopen below 18,200 and in fact, below 18,150 at this precise moment. The S+P 500 future is now not much above pricing a reopening at 5,200. There are a number of reasons for the losses across the US futures and not least the mounting concerns over the Middle East. Higher US treasury yields today is also a driver.That worsening geopolitical outlook is what has also pushed oil prices to new 2024 highs today and kept the dollar mostly on the front foot following the better than forecast ISM index yesterday. Of course we US data releases due after the opening bell, but there is no guarantee they will have a positive impact on stocks. Besides, the opening will come before that data and right now it is not looking 

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