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US stock futures turn lower as DAX extends downside while US yields continue to rise

This US treasury yields are continuing to push higher now, after that US export data showed prices rising at an expectedly fast rate. So, the 2 Year note is now approaching 4.77%. That is quite some way above the low earlier today, at 4.70%. That dynamic is now undermining the opening outlook for US stocks. It is also pushing the USD/JPY even higher. That is now pushing above 155.25. At the same time the DAX is leading the downside here in Europe, as it falls further below the 18,800 mark. The pressure on the DAX is also denting the US opening outlook, although it must be stressed, the DAX is rather the outlier, along with the CAC 40 making a similar move. The FTSE 100 is holding up pretty well in relative terms. The one thing this has done is to add a layer of modest uncertainty about the US opening prospects. The DAX is currently trading at 18,775 

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